The hostel has standard and decent separate accommodation for both boys and girls with modern conveniences, dining room, e-library, furnished common room, clinic, reception e.t.c

The management’s vision is to create a professionally certified environment for building young minds while sheltering them from unnecessary distractions, vice and ills of the larger society.

To help students identify and appreciate the wealth of unity , dignity in labour, and also to develop in them a sense of discipline, self-confidence and self identification . No wonder the school management congratulates all students privileged to partake in this provision.

REGISTRATION: Students seeking for hostel accommodation in the school must indicate in the form to be provided by the school at the Administrative block and they are required to pay the hostel fees in advance.

Newly admitted students are expected to complete and submit the following on/before moving in

(i) Students personal data form
(ii) Medical form
(iii) Students undertaking
(iv) Evidence for payment
(v) Room allocation form

FEES: All payments must be made before resumption termly.

No student will be allowed in the hostel without full payment at the beginning of each term.

NOTE: A child considered to be medically unfit may not be admitted.