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Thank you for your interest in Laureates College.

Find below the criteria for students wishing to gain admission into Laureates College.

Students seeking admissions to JSS1 must be 10 years or older within their admission year.

Students seeking entrance must score an average of 50% on their Entrance Examinations.


Make initial contact with the School’s admissions office.

The registrar will discuss your initial enquiry and provide you with an application form.

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Complete the application form and submit it to the admissions office.

For entry to other Years, please contact the admissions office to discuss a suitable date.

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Within 5 days of the test being taken, we will write to confirm whether we will make the offer of a place

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A place is secured after we have written confirmation of acceptance of the place and a deposit has been received.

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At Laureates College, we create an environment conducive to stimulating learning and academic excellence. The academic community produces dynamic, intelligent, all-around but highly socialized youths who excel in all aspects of life and the various tiers of the nation’s economy, resulting in effective, respected, and productive citizens for nations. At Laureates College, we prepare students for admirable challenges.

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Our boarding facility is well-equipped, and the hostels are kept spotless at all times. In addition, the rooms in our hostels are quite spacious, well-lit, and welcoming.

By establishing the spirit of excellence in our pupils, we hope to help them develop into excellent students, athletes, artists, and global citizens.

We help all students build personal integrity and leadership abilities that they can use throughout their life.

Our Boarding Sports Actitives include:

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